• Vegetarian, Vegan and Mediterranean cuisine

    "My favorite meal in Sarajevo. Everything was delicious. Saša came out and asked me what I'd like to eat. We talked about what he had, then he made me a perfect meal, centered around an octopus al forno. I scrubbed the dish dry."

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  • Life is too short to eat anywhere else...

    "I am not a vegetarian but I really loved this place! Food was really tasty, the decor was welcoming. Saša is a sweetheart, he wrote his own cooking book and even speaks German!"

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  • Eat healthy. Stay healthy

    "One of the few non-smoking places in Sarajevo, where chef Saša makes by far the best soup in town. Always freshly made, always interesting, and always a pleasure. Just like other food, be it the regular menu or the daily/weakly specials. It is amazing how inspired vegetarian food can be!"

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Good food is like music to the stomach. Every bite makes you want to dance.

Great food. Tastes good.

Life is too short to eat anywhere else...

The place opened in 1999 and was named after the famous opera tenor Enrico Caruso. "It's a symbolic name. Caruso was a pioneer because he was the first to put his voice on a record. I was the first to open a vegetarian restaurant in Sarajevo, which also makes me a pioneer in a way." Saša says.

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Our most loved dishes

Paella "Karuzo"

21.00 KM

Salmon roll

14.00 KM

Spiced seitan

23.00 KM

Vegan borsch

8.00 KM

"One of the best restaurants I've ever been to. Excellent food, great atmosphere and guaranteed a good time." - Kristina

Our menu

Goodness & Taste

Enter the world of my healthy recipes

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Danish toast

15.00 KM

Vegan cous cous

17.00 KM

Amaranth pudding

7.00 KM

Vegeterian Tart with Blue Cheese Sauce

19.00 KM

Tuna Fillet with fresh Thyme and vegetables in Teriyaki sauce

29.00 KM

Chocolate and Apple Cube

7.00 KM

La Macedonia with Ginger Sauce

8.00 KM

Oven - baked Octopus with Vegetable and Japanese Sauce

35.00 KM

Whole Grain Pancake with Lentils and Vegetable in Rosemary Sauce

17.00 KM

Where we are

Karuzo restaurant
Dženetića Čikma bb, Sarajevo 71000
Bosnia & Herzegovina

(1 minute walk from the Downtown's main Catholic Cathedral and behind the Green market - Markale.)

Open Hours

Monday - Friday
12:00 am to 15:00 pm
18:00 pm to 23:00 pm
18:00 pm to 23:00 pm
We are closed!

From the Chef


"Do it now, not tomorrow.
Always continue the climb.
You can do it too!."


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